Job Seeker Services

Program Services

Services are provided as authorized by your OOD Counselor or SSA. Not all individuals are eligible to receive all services, and services are individualized, person-centered, and based on desired employment outcomes. If you have questions regarding your eligibility for services please contact your OOD Counselor or SSA. Click here for our Program Handbook.

Employment Planning Services:

Career Exploration

Career Exploration assists the job seeker in selecting an employment goal among several potential options. It allows the job seeker the opportunity to interact and observe people performing job tasks. The job seeker will have opportunities to conduct informational interviews, observe and shadow, and when possible, attempt actual job tasks.

Community Based Assessment (CBA)

Community Based Assessments provide information on a job seekers aptitudes, abilities, behaviors, and preferences or to determine if a specific employment opportunity would be a good match. The purpose of this service is to assess an job seekers strengths and needs, and to make recommendations for future programming. The individual will receive pay for the work experience activities. CBAs may be utilized to assist in identifying a vocational goal.

Benefit Analysis

Benefits Analysis provides individuals with information on how participating in employment services and returning to work may impact benefits such as; Social Security Disability Insurance/Supplemental Income, Medicaid/Medicare coverage, Veteran’s benefits, housing assistance, Medicaid Buy-In for People with Disabilities, food stamps, and other public assistance programs. Benefit Analysis also provides information on available work incentives.

 Benefits Coordination

Benefits Coordination assists the consumer in coordinating and resolving benefits issues such as, reporting income, applying for and documenting work incentives, and resolving over-payments.

Employee Development Services:

Summer Youth

Summer Youth programs assist transitional youth (ages14-22) to learn vocational skills and appropriate work behaviors in a competitive, integrated setting. Summer Youth Programs include an educational component to teach independent living skills, such as budgeting, time management, development of vocational interests, and job seeking skills training. The goal of this service is to prepare the individual for permanent, competitive, integrated employment and independence.

Career Exploration programs are designed for first time or younger participants who can benefit from job shadowing experiences. Career Exploration Programs focus on activities such as tours of businesses, discussion and presentations from employers, job shadows, etc.

Work Experiences are designed for older youth to teach work skills and develop a work history. Participants will be paid for hours worked. Work Experiences also facilitate learning of work skills, improving work behaviors, building on communication and interpersonal skills, or other vocational areas as identified by VR staff. We offer experiences in a variety of vocational areas, including but not limited to; janitorial, retail/stocking, agricultural, office/clerical, and food service.

Job Readiness Training

Job Readiness Training Programs provide transitional youth and adults with work experiences while at the same time, developing work skills and work behavior. Program services are provided in a community based, integrated work setting. Training is conducted to facilitate learning of work skills, improve work behaviors and build on communication and interpersonal skills, to provide work experiences for individuals who have never or have not worked in a prolonged period, or other vocational areas as identified.

Work Adjustment

Work Adjustment helps teach an individual to improve their vocational skills and improve work behaviors. Work Adjustment may be used to facilitate learning of work skills, improve work behaviors, build on communication and interpersonal skills, or other vocational areas as identified.

Personal Adjustment

Personal Adjustment is a systematic, time-limited approach to teach individuals life skills which will enhance their employability and independence. Services may be utilized to address issues such as; work behavior, interpersonal skills, hygiene and grooming concerns, budgeting, childcare, time management, or other areas identified. The individual will learn new skills and coping mechanisms that will allow them to be successful on the job.

Travel Training

Individuals are encouraged to use public transportation to get to and from work. An individual who is interested in using TARTA or TARPS, the public bus system, can receive individual instruction from a travel trainer. Training in pedestrian safety, bicycle safety, as well as studying for a temporary driver's permit, can also be provided.

Community Employment Services:

Job Development:

Job Development involves a systematic approach to identifying and contacting potential employers who may or may not have a posted position opening. Provider staff should work with the job seeker during the initial timeframe to develop a placement plan, which identifies specific responsibilities for the job developer and individual, lists specific positions and employers that the job seeker would like to pursue, and establishes the frequency and method of contact between the job developer and job seeker.

We assist job seekers to obtain integrated and competitive employment. Job Developers work with the job seeker to create an employment plan to achieve their desired employment goal. In person meetings will occur a minimum of weekly to seek employment through completion of applications and scheduled interviews. The job seeker is expected to be an active participate in their job search and may have responsibilities to complete in between scheduled contacts, including on-line job searches, following up with potential employers, and other tasks as determined in the employment plan.

Job Seeking Skills Training (JSST)

JSST is designed to assist a job seeker to successfully identify and respond to potential job opportunities. Services include, how to locate job opportunities through the newspaper, online, job boards, and cold calling techniques. JSST provides education and training regarding how to develop a job application template, résumé, cover letter, how to follow up with employers after completing an application or interview, how to address potential barriers such as breaks in employment history criminal convictions, and/or the need for reasonable accommodations, how to handle difficult interview situations, and the importance of and how to manage online profiles. After completion of JSST, the job seeker will have the skills and resources to assist in their job search or conduct a job search in the future as needed.

Employment Support Services:

Job Coaching

Job Coaching provides one-on-one instruction to individuals who have been hired by an employer to help individuals learn job tasks, develop natural and peer supports, and to adjust to the work environment.

The role of a Job Coach is to evaluate the work setting and develop a task list of job duties to train the new employee. Job coaches provide one-on-one support to assist the employee with learning the new job, experiencing the job tasks and understanding the employer’s expectations. Job Coaches also provide training and support to the employer to support the training needs of the employee. Integration into the workplace culture and development of natural supports are also important functions of the job coach to assist in the employee’s success.

Job Retention

Once the employee starts to become independent, the job coach will fade from the employment site. Once the coach has fully faded, we provide 90 days of job retention services to ensure that ongoing employment is sustained.